With Muslim Ban, Trump and Bannon Wanted Chaos, but Not Resistance

The one factor that the Trump administration seems not to have considered in its infernal calculus is the existence of precisely this kind of public, best demonstrated in the wave of protests that greeted international flights since Saturday. The protests have been so strong, so continuous and so widespread that they have even compelled formerly servile Democratic lawmakers — many of whom had voted for all Trump nominees with little protest — to begin voicing their opposition to the Muslim ban, first hesitantly, and as the protests have grown, more confidently. As long as organizers continue to organize, politicize new protesters and hold the feet of the Trump administration and of the two parties to the fire, the chances of Bannon’s Mephistophelian plan for dissolution of a public voice can still be stymied.

Source: With Muslim Ban, Trump and Bannon Wanted Chaos, but Not Resistance