Mayoral Tutorial – We Don’t Need No Education: Same As It Ever was Worse Than You Think

We Don’t Need No Education: Same As It Ever was Worse Than You Think

“I will say this up top and you can stop reading if you want. We don’t have an education funding/pension crisis. The system is working exactly the way it is supposed to work for whom it is supposed to work. It just isn’t supposed to work for teachers, children or the ordinary tax payer. I think though you should continue to read because Chicago really needs you to get off the bench on the upcoming round three donnybrook between our union busting Mayor and the citizens of Chicago. That’s right he’s not fighting the teacher’s union he’s kicking you, me and anyone in a K-12 building right in the face for someone else’s profits.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been trying to destroy the Chicago Teacher’s Union and accelerate the transformation of public education from a public service into a private market profit-generating enterprise since the day he took physical form on the 5th Floor. This latest assault on them demands context. This is not a new thing or a crossroads or a crisis. This is the goal of his governance because he is running the City of Chicago like a business. He is cutting overhead by reducing both the numbers and the benefits of public servants. He is removing the “fat” from the system and the fat is anything that does not deliver a body in front of students teaching from some sort of curriculum. That would be support staff of all stripes. He is cutting the system’s losses by not throwing good money after bad money in regards to not schools but the CHILDREN in these schools. Some kids you just have to write off by closing their schools and moving on.

He is taking away public education as a public service and replacing it with containment policing. The hiring of 970 more police officers and the crushing of the Chicago Teacher’s Unionare not two different public policies they are one governing philosophy. That philosophy is producing predictably bad policy for people who need public services and the public servants that provide them. The Crack Chicago Stenography Corps could figure this out and maybe the good people over at the Tribune already have figured it out and that’s why they’re all onboard with Gary Johnson… to think that this paper is capable of reporting on the news at all… All right, I’m sorry let’s just help them focus.”

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