Meet Smartists: Lush | Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Smart Girls had the opportunity to chat music, role models, and challenges with Lush, the British alternative rock band who have become well known for their dreaminess and shoegazing style, along with a healthy dose of noise pop. The band consists of Miki Berenyi on vocals and guitar, Emma Anderson on guitar, and Phil King on bass. After their drummer Chris Acland passed away some years ago, Justin Welch stepped up to the plate and has been performing with them regularly. In the midst of Lush’s busy touring schedule, we managed to sneak in a few words with Emma. Smart Girls: What’s the most rewarding thing about making music? Emma: The most rewarding thing about making music is the reaction you get from people when they hear it. I know there are people that play an instrument and write songs every day – even though they know no one will hear the results – but that isn’t me. That might sound odd, but it’s true. But, when you hear someone say that a song you have written is great, it’s a

Source: Meet Smartists: Lush | Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls